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    I’m an amateur landscape, nature photographer, based in the Northern Italy (North-East, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia).

    I was born and brought up in the Northern Estonia countryside.

    For me, photography is not just a hobby, it has become a way of balancing life.

    I prefer photographing the natural world – spending time outdoors makes me feel close to the roots of life.
    In constant search for those fleeting moments of magic that turn our world into something extraordinary.
    In my images I strive to reflect the atmosphere, feeling, and sheer wonderment that our natural world evokes within us.

           Some of my works have been published in various national and international magazines.

    member of AFNI since 2013 (Italian Association nature photographers)

                                                                   Contributing Photographer at PHOTOFVG.IT  since 2012


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    It is possible to buy quality prints from the pictures on this website.
    Please contact me for possibilities and prices.



    _GAU8951.v photo by: Luciano Gaudenzio






    National Geographic, special edition “Le Montagne Incantate” may 2019 60045434_2491808410849855_8927339388753412096_n

    Gardenia nr 422, June 2019. 65384302_1881360861965446_4264215205606588416_n

    in Viaggio Dolomiti  december 2016, cover 15268011_922109731223902_4287989579231487400_n

    Meridiani Montagne  november 2016

    Digital Camera Magazine

    National Geographic

    Conde Nast Traveller

    Asferico magazine 2013 n°46

    Asferico magazine 2016 n°51 ,article “I luoghi del cuore”


    Photo exhibition :

    Bio Photo Festival 2019 

    Bio Photo festival 2018

    Bio Photo festival 2014


    Awards :

    Highly Commended/Landscape- Asferico Photo Contest  2020 

    Winner of Italian National Parks – Appnnino Foto Contest 2019 06012019-_MG_4612.copy

    Highly Honored/ Landscapes – Nature’s Best Photography 2019 Windland Smith Rice Awards Screen-Shot-2019-09-05

    Finalist (Wildflower Landscapes) – International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) 12, 2019

    Commended (Breathing Spaces) – International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) 2019 

    Overall winner-: Palmarès Concours 2018- Montier Festival Photo montier photo

    Finalist- Bio Photo Contest 2018

    Finalist- Bio Photo Contest 2018

    Highly commended- Landscapes- Looduse Aasta Foto 2018 Looduse Aasta Foto 2018 Sügise võlud

    Commended – International Garden Photographer of The Year (IGPOTY )2018 

    Highly Commended – International Garden Photographer of The Year (IGPOTY )2018 


    Honorable Mention – Bio Photo Contest 2017 

    Highly commended:  Plants and Fungi -Looduse Aasta Foto 2017 

    Highly commended: Black & White – Looduse Aasta Foto 2017

    Commended – Black & White – International Garden Photographer of The Year (IGPOTY ) 2017 


    Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016 – Finalist : Nature in Black and white 

      Plants and Fungi


    Honorable Mention – Bio Photo Contest 2016 


    Honorable Mention – Bio Photo Contest 2016 


    Honorable Mention – Bio Photo Contest 2015

    Honorable Mention, landscape – Asferico Photocontest 2015

    Honorable Mention, landscape – Photographer of the Year ( POTY ) 2011

    Honorable Mention – La Cartolina delle Dolomiti, premio Dino Buzzati 2012